texted this into my phone one day as a saved draft. still in the works,

On pasta a sprinkle
on burgers a slice
For dinner a double cheese pizza is nice

it dresses up salad
its vital in quiche
add brie to a cracker and taste buds unleash

their gratitude for
what's been put on your palette
the richness of garlic and hint of a shallot

American's bland
though when grilled its delish
i've yet to see cheese as a topping for fish

mixing moneterey jack
with hot peppers will yield
the pepperjack heat for your sandwich to wield

though of course some prefer
the piquantness of swiss
just one slice with some ham is treat not to miss

I really like Muenster
for burgers Its cheddar
though some people say that havarti is better

i'd say more for crackers
and add grapes for charm
No cheese rivals provolone on chicken parm

cut the cheese
say cheese for pictures etc

nachos, just add bacon and egg roll

enough rhymes, i'm hungry
lets grub mac'n'cheese

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