Insect Quatrains

still in the works, trying to use similar sounds within each half line


The Spider Slowly Spins its web with Elegance and Ease
It Catches Callous Critters even Butterflies and Bees
Its Victims Vie for Vigor, yet the Struggle helps it Seize
Its Prey Pretty much Practically, Eloquent Expertise


They Flap and Flutter like a Fairy, with THose THrifty THings
Beautiful bodacious batting of its wondrous wings
Unique in the universe, a butterfly’s aberration
From caterpillar to cocoon, a tricky transformation


Armies of ants all together slaving towards sustaining
Food for future furiously so there’s some remaining
When winters weakens the supply as snow ensnares their nest
Diligent, determined duties done with zip and zest

Bees (eeeeehhhhh, not as good)

Buzzing bees all bright with yellow, black stripes too they boast
Seemingly mean but truly mellow, carnation to rose they coast
Collecting pollen carefully and generating honey
For bears and humans to consume, ????


Crickets crawl and chirp and crawl,
Lightning Bugs

Lightning Bugs live luminously,


Worms will wiggle when its wet, deep out of dirty depths
birds eat them etc.

Lady bugs

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