Night Fright

I’m afraid of the dark but I don’t want to be
Yes I’m tired of needing a light
See I’m ten years old now and it seems quite silly
To be fearing the time we call night

Out of all of my friends I’m the best one at sports
And I’m tough and as strong as it gets
But when its time for bed I need help of all sorts
Which includes sleeping with all my pets

I’ve got other techniques, like a flashlight I keep
Safely hidden under all my sheets
Or this sword made of dreams that I use in my sleep
Fighting sorcerers, dragons and beasts

In my slumber I try hard to conquer my fear
As I battle these rulers of dark
I just wish I could make this terror disappear
Lack of light’s not as bad as a shark

When I wake I’m relieved just to still be alive
As the battles do get quite intense
In my slumber I face terror head on, I strive
To attack and contrive a defense

For the panic that looms and the fear that consumes
Every minute of my dreaming mind
Seeking shelter, more room, from an impending doom
It’s a struggle, a strenuous grind

Yes I realize my phobia doesn’t make sense
So I’m trying to deal with it soon
Just as soon the sheep are done jumping the fence
In the countryside lit by the moon

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