Always Never

Always look both ways. Never play with matches.
Always use a glove for those outfield catches.
Never use Daddy’s tools, Always sharp and frightening.
Never go in the pool when there’s thunder or lightning.

Where you’re running around,
And having outdoor fun,
And you’re not in the shade,
But in the light of the sun,
Your body gets exposed,
To this dangerous ray,
That can hurt you really bad,
When all you want to do is play.

I know it never really seems,
Like you’re hurting your skin,
But if you don’t wear a shirt,
Then you’re letting it win.
And when you’re older you could get,
A really terrible disease,
So always put on sunblock everywhere,
Even on your knees.

Always buckle up on the bus, in the car.
Don’t forget the water when you’re hiking far.
Never drink lots of soda, just a little for a treat.
Remember green luscious veggies are the best things to eat.

When you’re about to cross the street,
Or at a big intersection,
Before you move your feet,
Take a moment for reflection.
Listen for sounds and look around,
For cars in all directions bound.
Use all your senses,
To make this vital detection.

Once the car have stopped,
Or once the street is clear,
And when your light turns green,
Then you’ve got nothing to fear.
So just make sure that you stay,
Skipping in the walkway,
And jump around, have fun in town,
Everyday, all day!

Always eat wealthy, rich in calcium ad fiber.
Always keep your teeth healthy, brush’n’flossing makes them whiter.
Give your sister lots of hugs, Never hurt her or bite her
And finally, Always be nice, it makes the world a lot brighter :-)

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