Listen up everybody! I’ve got something to say,
So put your toys down and turn your heads this way.
Turn off your video games, I-pods away,
We’re gonna learn some lessons and we’re starting today...

Sharing, caring, table manners,
Staying organized with planners.
Honesty and don’t’ talk back.
Wearing sunscreen on your back.

Look both ways and keep your room neat.
Don’t tattle tale and never ever cheat.
If you don’t understand then raise your hand.
It’s just as fun to play in the band.

You fool, no one's too cool school.
Be careful when you use that tool.
If you hear thunder, out of the pool.
Listening to your parents is the golden rule.

Doing your homework will get you far.
Always buckle up in the bus or the car.
You’re perfect just the way you are,
Remember that, you’ll be a star.

The more you give, the more you get.
Ignore adults you’ve never met.
Take out the trash and walk your pet.
Say no to that cigarette!

Do all these things, always remember,
New Year’s Day through til December,
Play sure is fun, but school is cooler.
Now that this poem's done, get out your ruler!

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