Hello Goodbye, or, Bye and Hi,
Are opposites, like Gal and Guy.
See without one, there is no other,
No Grandpa without Grandmother.

The fancy term is Antonym,
Whose opposite is Synonym.
But not all words have antonyms,
Like jewelry, green, or cinnamon.

There can't be High without a Low,
There can't be Stop without a Go,
There is no Hide without a Show.
We need a Yes, to have a No.

See, without Blow how can you Suck?
Some say it's Fate, while some say Luck.
Big and Small, Short and Tall,
Summer Winter, Spring and Fall.

Now Forever, Always-Never.
Skinny Fat, or Dumb and Clever.
Rich and Poor, Ceiling Floor,
Whisper Scream, Less and More.

Not to say that Evil should,
Be recognized as much as Good.
Some things are Bad and though it's Sad,
It's nice to see the Good in Glad.

We ought to know the positive,
Instead of Die, we strive to Live,
Let's tell the Truth and never Lie,
Don't ever steal but always buy.

Let's not be Still, we ought to Move,
Don't Make-things-Worse, try to Improve.
Let's not delay, no let's not Wait,
To Start each day with Love not Hate.

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